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We need more instruction that addresses the needs of every student so that they are ready to learn and can thrive. 

Maximizing on the opportunities presented in the Blueprint for Maryland's Future, here are some ideas I would like to bring to the board:

  • Fully fund universal Pre-K as well as birth to 3-year old engagement / education initiatives (ex: “Talk With Me,” Howard County Family Institute, and other family and community outreach efforts).

  • Invest more in teacher recruitment and retention through programs like “Grow Your Own” teacher.

  • Address learning loss due to COVID-19 through assessment of where our students are and resources that address those gaps. Opportunities like the "Maryland Leads Grant" should be explored.

  • Bridge the opportunity gap through increased investment in programs like high quality Career and Technical Education (CTE),  JumpStart,  “Grads of Life,” and “Year Up.”

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We need to focus more on building relationships in every aspect of school so that all children have opportunities to reach their potential. 

As a member of the Board, I would encourage us to:

  • Explore approaches like Community Schools (a national initiative) to help us improve academic developmental outcomes of children through partnerships to ensure that all students have an equitable opportunity to succeed in school.

  • Continue to expand Special Education Services & Support to ensure that all students thrive no matter their challenges.

  • Optimize Technology where appropriate to enhance student engagement and performance by assisting teachers and families with ways to safely and effectively incorporate the use of technology.


Our community can do more to ensure successful outcomes for all our children. I believe we need to involve families and caregivers to achieve success. 

As a Board member, I would work to improve:


  • Work with all families to help our students succeed. 


  • Share information using a variety of methods in order to reach all families.

  • Engage families through initiatives that support their understanding of the academic and the social and emotional needs of their children.


  • Acknowledge the individual needs and challenges of each student, particularly in the light of the learning loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and recommend methods for families and caregivers to support classroom learning.

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